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Sponsor a Child Program

These are the beautiful faces of the children living in Negril, Jamaica. Their smiles represent approximately 40 children who have breakfast at St.Anthony's Soup Kitchen each morning. The soup kitchen is an integral part of keeping kids in school. Not only do the children not go to school hungry, but they have transportation to take them there. In Jamaica, while education is free, there is no school bus that transports children to or from school. In addition, the cost of uniforms, books, and lunch prevent some children from being able to attend.

The following is a message from Fr. Jim Bok, who has been leading the ministry at Mary Gate of Heaven for the past seven years:
"Sixty-six years ago I was born to John and Margaret Bok. Mom and dad loved me unconditionally until they died. I never wanted for anything, was never hungry, was ell educated, and taught strong moral values, especially regarding love of neighbor. I have two wonderful brothers, and an incredible sister. They and their families have been a significant part of my life and love. I was always grateful for my family experience, but never realized how much I took for granted until I came to Jamaica.

For the first time in my life, I am immersed in poverty. A typical "board house," is 12'x12'...no running water, no electricity, people wear shabby clothes, and often no shoes. From the day I arrived there has been a steady stream of folks coming to the house for food, clothing, money, shoes, or a place to sleep. The needs are quite literally endless.

I'll never forget the day we opened St. Anthony's Kitchen. Nine year old Zion was sitting on a pile of rocks in the yard watching us. He had a head full of dreadlocks, and was wearing only a pair of torn gym shorts...no shirt, no shoes. I asked him if he was hungry, to which he replied no. But he had been there since 6:30am. As we prepared to serve lunch I told him to go home and put on a shirt. When he returned I put him at the front of the line, and contrary to his earlier response, he was plenty hungry! So were about 20 other children who arrived.

In talking with their mothers, we realized they had no money for food or transportation, let alone uniforms, books, shoes, etc. And so our "Get Kids to School," program began. Won't you consider supporting our efforts on behalf of kids like Zion?"
For $32.00 a month you can sponsor a child in preschool or kindergarten.

For $40.00 a month you can sponsor a child in elementary school.

Middle school is $50.00 per month, and sponsoring a high school student is $90.00 per month.

If you would like to make a one time donation to help defray the cost of books, uniforms, shoes, and school supplies, the cost is $75.00.
"These kids did not get John and Marge Bok. Wouldn't it be nice if they had you?"
Thank you and may God bless you as you reach out to "the least of these."

To donate, select the Donate tab and follow the instructions. Please indicate your intention for the gift as "Sponsor a Child".